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Lil Yachty – SB5 Lyrics

SB5 Lyrics – Lil Yachty

I left outta school without momma’s permission
They wantin’ me dead, they be hoping and wishin’
I’m stealing your bags when I’m put in position
I’m dressed in all white like a chef in the kitchen

Lil Sada Boat baby I robbed and I worked I-dick
But I still went and had joined the navy
I remember that shoot out in my red Benz had to duck low
A bullet almost grazed me that was then
But now I’m the type of nigga to aim so right when I shoot I ain’t gotta dump

Twelve o’clock and I gotta whip looking for the trunk and you can’t fake the funk
Pistol attached to a nigga like breast lumps
Light on the black pump
Pumpin’ on tank three
Three in the morning I’m half sleep

Nigga, I’m half woke
Still aware enough to tell yo bitch I’m an asshole
I’m worried ’bout cash flow, income, and getting a bag though
I’m through the back door with my main bitch
Can’t get caught with my side hoe
I got Bape on, baby my low bring them bricks on a high load
This bitch only 5’4″ but this throat feel like it’s 7 feet deep
She suckin’ dick with a blindfold, make me disappear like my weed
I’m goin’ in bitches guaranteed, left my momma house at seventeen
Met my first opp on Evergreen
He got dropped with guns he never seen
Had murder on my mind then
Free YNW Melly
I don’t know why you hatin’ on me
Give me a reason to leave the drake on E

Got his bitch cooking steak for me
In a Rarri running from the state police
Chopper hold a hunnit to say the least
Lil nigga ’bout to die so say your piece
I know I gotta stay lowkey
My granny say she pray for me
She know I keep a K on me
I’m waiting on a nigga to play with me
Bitch I’m a lover and a fighter
Keep two sticks on me like Striger
Custom vests I ain’t no biker
She could stay the night if I invite her

For a 88, yeah, that’s the spider, red and yellow like I’m Roddy Piper
Give a damn if shawty got a nigga, if the bitch is goin’ I’ma pipe her
Chopper ’round my back like 8 numbers, 8 numbers like I was at Rikers
Pistol snug like it’s in a diaper, bitch with me got Balmain like a biker
Bitch, what I want is hard to decipher, and aside from most these niggas liars
Austin Powers, Groovy Michael Myers, kill ’em off like Christmas Stomp the Yard
This lil bitch right here, she got me hard, she just want the last four to my card
Drop her off right there on Boulevard, fucked her once and left the baby scarred

She was wearing Fendi leotards, I been cooking whipping Leonard
Dicaprio this white boy a star
Trappin’ out the house and in the car, I just served your spouse up at the bar
And you told like the mouse you are, watch your mouth, you snitching from a far
Makes no sense, you niggas work with law

Make no sense you niggas need a dress, left Vanessa team but still correct
Collect ’em back to to back I will collect, I’m the richer man I won’t contest
I’m the better rapper, I confess, fucked her now she setting up her desk
Fucked her now she organize my clothes, niggas mad I’m sending lower blows
Niggas mad I’m fuckin’ better hoes, I’m a G and sucking every toe
But I flip the pussy like some dough, fuck was on her face like Domino’s

(Thirty you a muthafuckin’ fool nigga)