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Lil Yachty – This That One Lyrics

This That One Lyrics – Lil Yachty

(Energy made this one) Dumbass
Krispy life (Its’s with a K dumbass)

This one of them ones for me (Mhmm-mhmm)
This one of them ones for me (Yup)
This one of them ones for me (Whew-whew)
This one of them ones for me

You was a hoe in high school, you used to run from us
I went to school with niggas like you, you are not on nothin’
Used to sell number eights on Hardwood, we had the block jumpin’
Beat his ass bad, he thought the whole, whole clubbed jumped him

(Yeah nigga)
This one of them ones for me
Okay, I done went pop star, I’m gettin’ that one money
It’s couple thousand on me cash, but it’s store money
Gotta let the money talk for like I don’t show money

We tote glocks with certain clips and holdin’ fifty
I’m takin’ shots of purple water, lil’ bitch, I ain’t tipsy
I think his thot want a rich nigga and his pockets empty
Call that lil’ nigga R Kelly ’cause he broke and pissy

She chasin’ money, chasin’ clout, you know she rollin’ with me
Look at my stats, that shit off Lulu like I’m the Rollin’ 60’s
Lil’ Boat just made me pick between a Rarri and a Bentley
It’s Mickey ears on all our choppers, look like a show from Disney

Punched him in the mouth, I ain’t like how he looked at my momma
The backyard got skis and treats but this not the Bahamas
Wood grain, OG AK feelin’ like I’m Osama
Got gas, they all said I changed up, I’m Yachty Obama

Bringin’ ’em back to back, I got too much
Pull up in a sixty thousand cash, I ain’t do much
F8 and it’s all white like the Klu Klux
I just got it and I already need a tune up

I’ma get rich or die tryin’ like I’m Fifty
This Drake’ll make a nigga dance, just like he Diddy
I’m lit, that’s why she got my name on her titties
I’m plug, I ran through hella grams in this city

You told, boy you ain’t no star, you a witness
This lean, gon’ fuck around and make me need a kidney
My bitch, she mad at me ’cause I show no attention
But listen, bitch, I’m on my grind, I gotta get it

Ridin’ with the glock.23, these the one Jordans
Got a team full of shooter, we pull up scorin’
Lil’ Yachty pulled up in a (Ahhh)
Lil’ Boat just pulled up in that yeah (That’s that one foreign)

Everywhere I go, I keep a ten, bitch, I’m Eric Gordon
How the fuck it’s seventeen dollars and you can’t afford it?
I got bitches lined up like they waitin’ for the one Jordans
(Bah) I just shot him in the ass, that’s my first warnin’

I’m Mr. Pop This Bitch, dirt like a dungeon
I’m in Neiman callin’ out shots like I run it
Run with all apes I guess, I’m from the jungle
I’ll let this bitch burn a glock mixed up with Usher

Get a nigga whacked, I’ll push the button
Before I tell on a soul, I hung my cousin
The thirty pokin’ too hard, I gotta tuck it
I see you over there shinin’ nigga, you better tuck it

Since he told I took the blood out my cousin
DNA I need that back, we ain’t fam no more
Brother nem jumped out the store, yeah, they ain’t sayin’ no more
Stick sing loud just like D’Angelo

Yeah, hit him in his head, bust his cantaloupe
Tiny just pulled up with that shh, yeah, the anecdote
Fingered on this bitch for fifty minutes, my hand had broke
Let my sister hold my journal, it’s murder she wrote

Sneezed on my nigga, that’s my slime for real
I can drive this bitch how I want, ’cause it’s mines for real
I can damn near hit who I want, it’s that time for real
I don’t know about no other stories, but mines for real

I’m finna pay kid to do a whole song without cussin’
I was young, used to mob to the store with my cousins
I’m with four out of town, buyin’ Bos by the dozen
I’m with four out of town with PJ like it’s cousin

If it’s sprite and it’s dark look like hair dye
We gon’ find out where he at, we gon’ air it out
I fucked that bitch so good, that she wanna know my whereabouts
Off two percs then I pulled her fuckin’ hair out

I be fuckin’ hoes in first class, this a do-ey plane
I don’t wanna hit that pussy, you play coochie games
Bitch keep squirtin’ on my covers, she left coochie stains
Group of bitches in a soul line, this a coochie train

New custo, bald head look like Bobby Lashley
Ball bitch, I’m all about a billl but I’m not braggin’
Percies taste good, bite down, but it’s not candy
Grim reaper ride around with Billy, it was not Mandy