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Mental Cruelty – King Ov Fire Lyrics

King Ov Fire Lyrics – Mental Cruelty

A man comes out of the darkness
The shadows embraces his presence
His figure unknown
I embrace thy kingdom
On earth or in the void
The underworld lies to your bloodsoaked feet

His world is condemned
He‘ll laugh as you beg,
Soon you will be dead
Blasphemian, unholy deities
Display the abnormality,
Purged by cruel morality

The former god of the now dying sun,
He is baptized with the blood of innocence

The president of the demon senate
I beg to you to upon up the gate
The chancellor of the underworld
A place where death is always around

Burn in Hell (4x)

You see the gates
I call his name
You see the flames
He took the blame

The power of his will
it crawls inside of you
Possessed by so called evil every heartbeat pumps it through
You try to stop it to force it but u can not win
You see the darkness the truth the only one thats real
Commander of hell
King of fire
I call you Adramelech

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