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​girl in red – hornylovesickmess Lyrics

hornylovesickmess Lyrics – ​girl in red

I’m in New York, thinking of you
Wondering what you are up to
From this lonely ass hotel room
With a pretty good lookin’ view
I am somewhere in the states
Going somewhere on a plane
It doesn’t really matter
As long as I’m always far away
Or maybe on a bus for a month straight
Shit’s fun but I’m going insane
Like it’s been months since I’ve had sex
I’m just a horny little love sick mess
And I don’t want to be the type of person who calls you up
Every time I need to get off but
I can’t stop ’till I’m turning into oh fuck
Down the Times Square in the rain
There’s a billboard with my face
It’s so weird how things have changed
Think about it everyday
If I ever make it back
Will I find what we once had?
I guess I ruined us pretty bad

I’m in the same city as you
But I still don’t come through
Cause I got so much to do
And that’s the [?] to excuse
So don’t ever take me back
Let’s just face the facts
I treated you like trash
And you deserve more than that

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