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Greyson Chance – Hellboy Lyrics

Hellboy Lyrics – Greyson Chance

Velvet on the floor, writing’s on the wall
Let me come a little closer get you elevated
Don’t want a little more, no I want it all
If you don’t know how to touch it, let me educate you

Move, sweat, kiss, breath
Don’t stop

Oh, there’s a fire burning, baby do you feel it?
Don’t you let it go, let it go out
Oh, burning icicle blue, it’s like a forbidden fruit
And I want it so, want it so
Hands tied, bite your lip
Green light, flip and twist
Dark magic, red boot kick
I’m a hellboy, I’m a hellboy
Your eyes, on my hips
Damn right, you want this
All night, yeah I’m a give you hell boy I’m a hellboy

Baby say the word, I’ll grab the tab and keys
I can show you things that’ll make you think you’re dead in heaven
Have me for dessert, I’ll have you on your knees
You’ll be begging for me, hot and heavy in the morning

Le paradis n’est pas réel Sauf si tu es avec moi

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