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Boy In Space – Dead End Lyrics

Dead End Lyrics – Boy In Space

Somebody loved you
Somebody set the the truth on fire
And it was me
A tragedy yeah I believe

I wanna find out
So Burst my bubble I’m falling to the ground now
Down on my knees
And I’m just caught up in

Laying in my bed
All the things I said
Think I’m gonna call you but I never
Fall asleep instead
Maybe I’m just dead
Wishing I could change what we’ve become now
But I can’t you’ll never forgive me
Misunderstood smoking like a chimney

What you said
Now it all makes sense
Maybe it’s a dead end
Now or never

Somebody told ya
That words don’t hurt but your crying on his shoulder
A part of me
Is kinda dead now I believe
Some days I fall out
From your head guess I’m staying in the dog house
No clarity at all