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Boy In Space – Save Me Lyrics

Save Me Lyrics – Boy In Space

All the tree tops turn grey so it looks like their dead just like how it feels in my head
All the blue skies through my eyes they look kinda red ever since you left me for dead

Nights at the dock we used to get down skippin rocks
Cup after cup still can’t forget Paris

Save me somebody please just save me
Tryna ease my brain with chemicals inside my lungs
And Daisys don’t grow around me lately
Somebody just get me off This dirty parking lot
Somebody just save me
Kinda been low lately always rainy

Save me somebody please just save me
Standing with a hole right though my chest Like I got shot

All the stop lights yellow and they never turn green
I’m stuck and it’s all so obscene
Wasted all night threw up so lost my appetite
Something in my head just ain’t right