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Boy In Space – Sucker Punch Lyrics

Sucker Punch Lyrics – Boy In Space

Drove my car past your house
You weren’t there you’re far out
Left a note to your brother he called me a mother fucker
I just hope that you won’t really mind
But I think about you all the time

You can turn heads like you’re a wild fire
Pain in my chest you’re all I desire
I’ve been thinking of you when I’m in the dark
I could be the one to take you to the stars
You’re beautiful and I’m a bad liar
Your out of luck and I’m the supplier
I’ve been thinking about you when I’m all alone
Do you think of me I really wanna know

Take your time don’t decline it would break this heart of mine
And I would take a sucker punch to the Face it’d be fun
I’ve been fantasizing every night
I just know that you can make it right