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Night Lovell – Bandage Lyrics

Bandage Lyrics – Night Lovell

Why they do that? Uh
Okay, shit

Why they actin’ like they on my side (On my side)
Nice try, I don’t let it fly (Uh)
Fugazi (Uh), niggas all around me (Ayy)
Don’t know why they clown me, it’s time to say goodbye
Wasted my time (Time), took up all the space (Space)
Space inside my head (My head)
Hate to see your face (Face), tryna take my bread (Bread)
Know your fuckin’ place, wanna switch? Go ahead
Now I’m walkin’ ’round with grace (Grace)
Ayy (Yeah), made a million (Uh)
‘Cause I made a killin’ (Kill), can’t explain the feelin’ (Feel)
Broke out of the system (System), now they want against ’em
You can’t take my freedom (Freedom), they hate me but I need ’em
You can’t take me, no (Take), I’m not fakin’, no (Fake)
You can let me know
Just wanna let you know, say it with your chest, bitch (Chest)
I’m the best, bitch (Best), it’s not a test, bitch (Test)
Fuck the rest, bitch (Yeah)
Don’t fuck around, bitch (Uh), tell the truth, bitch
Do you really want this? (Want), show me your checklist (Yeah)
Yes, I see your bandage, that’s what your man did?
Your love is what you handed, over like we planned it, ayy
Yeah, promise that there’s gon’ be light (Uh)
I know the truth to life (Ayy), ain’t no threat in sight
I fed you all I could (Could), but then you took a bite, of my hand
I realized your love is black and white
Innocent (Uh), that you told me ’bout your past and it’s interestin’
‘Cause you be leavin’ niggas fast, now I’m stuck (Stuck)
Feel like I’m surrounded by this glass, door shut (Shut)
Think it’s time I pack all of my stuff, bitch