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Night Lovell – Crawl Lyrics

Crawl Lyrics – Night Lovell

This shit ain’t sweet, ayy
(Killa, haha)

Had no shoes on my feet (My feet), had no shit to see (Uh)
Then I took a leap (A leap), now my niggas elite (Okay)
Diamonds on my teeth (Teeth), ’cause I don’t ever sleep (Sleep)
They thought I was a freak (Freak), now she suckin’ my meat, ayy (My meat, bitch)
Look at my fleet (Okay), ’cause of the bands I keep (Okay)
All of you niggas are sheep (Uh), none of this shit is sweet (Okay)
They wanna play into the beef (Uh), my niggas gon’ put you to sleep (Sleep)
All of those niggas is weak (Uh), can’t you see? (Motherfucker)

Ayy, we don’t act the same ’cause I’m living in 2029, ayy (Bitch)
I done seen it all (It all), sometimes I had to crawl (Crawl)
But just know I’m fine, ayy (Bitch)
You know I got your bitch with me, rollin’ with me, lookin’ pretty ’cause I am that guy, ayy, ayy (Okay)
Take two steps back (Back), look around on the ground (The ground)
You lay there ’til you die (You die), you die (You die), ayy, shit

It just started snowin’ (Snowin’), that’s just what I need (I need)
Niggas think I’m god (I’m god), but blood is what I bleed (Bleed)
Stalkin’ you from up above (Uh), Assassin’s Creed (Okay)
They say they do not know me (No), they copyin’ my steez (Steez)
I don’t play around, you should know this (You should know this)
Like chicken wings, I’ma leave you niggas boneless (Uh)
Should keep it to myself but I wanna fuck that hostess (Uh, ayy)
After one night, that bitch becomes atrocious (Uh, ayy)
Okay, sometimes I just think of things I should discuss (Okay)
Am I changin’ for the worst? Have I done enough? (Okay)
I’m always fightin’ with my head, I can never trust (I can never trust)
Anybody tellin’ me that they gon’ give me stuff (That they gon’ give me stuff)
Selena (Ayy), Melissa (Ayy), Cherifa (Ayy), Mia (Uh)
Mia’s from Korea, I gotta go and see her
Then tell that bitch, “See ya (See ya), was nice to fuckin’ meet ya” (Yeah)
It’s a lot to teach you (Okay), but I can be your preacher (Lil’ bitch)

I can be your motherfuckin’ preacher