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Night Lovell – Trying To Float Lyrics

Trying To Float Lyrics – Night Lovell

This is a story, (outby16, or dead on the scene, but together for fucking ever) about a young man in the position to change everything about his life

Floatin’, floatin’, floatin’ through the mornin’
Let you take this token (Token)
I see that you copin’ (Ayy)
Got this pistol loadin’ (Loadin’)
She sexy like a lotus
I can’t even focus (Focus)
‘Cause all these niggas bogus (bogus)
They plotin’ on my brain (Brain)
Can’t you niggas stop this?
You know, this ain’t you (Ayy)
You talkin’ shit, I hope that you know
I’ll take you, fool (Ayy)
All these bitches claim that they down (Ayy)
This ain’t true (Ayy)
‘Cause I already knew (Knew)
You think that I’ma fool (Fool)
Leavin’ for the weekend
End up in the deep end (Deep End)
Instead of tryna peek in
Just listen when I speak it (Speak it)
Northside nigga, finger on the trigger (Ayy)
Ain’t nobody sicka
That’s why they wanna flicka (Ayy)
That pussies like a fountain
I like the way she bounce it
Walking in the mountains, I like the way it soundin’
I wish that I could show you what I’m seein’ on this picture (Ayy)
Maybe I’ll just show you what I wrote down on this scripture (Scripture)

… And then once again, the story changes…

Fallin’ down this road, I’m on my back
I’ll be inside the dishes on the left, you can’t miss it (Ayy, yuh)
Wonder if I dropped this shit today, if I miss it?
Wonder if I left this world today, would it exist? (Ayy)
I’m just thinkin’ (Thinkin’)
Tryna let it sink in (Sink in)
Thinkin’ as I’m sippin’ (Sippin’)
All these thoughts be sinkin’ (Sinkin’)
Creepin’ while I’m whippin’ (Whippin’)
Can’t see past my tintin’ (Tinitin’)
Call my phone, it’s ringin’ (Ringin’)
I pretend I miss it aye, aye (Miss it)
I’m just by myself, I learned a lot about my life (Ayy)
Don’t let no funny bitches take me on no fucking ride (Ride)
If you disrespect me, you don’t got no way to hide (Hide)
‘Cause I’ll be huntin’ niggas like a lion in the night (Night)