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Qveen Herby – A Woman Lyrics

A Woman Lyrics – Qveen Herby

Houndstooth, cashmere!

I love being a woman
Is it such a crime
If a girl gets her cake and she eats it too
On that female grind
I’m soft but I’ll control you with my female mind
Did you hear that this pussy is powerful
And she’s always right
I love being a woman

Champagne and caviar
I love being a woman, a woman
Flex on you real hard
I love being a woman, a woman

I know you think pretty pink is the dress I’m pullin
I should be sweet tidy neat and be good at cookin
Through history your critique was a load of bullshit
The thing is I want it more when you say I shouldn’t
What part can’t you believe
Is it cuz I bleed for a week
And I don’t die I’m a queen
I might bring life into being
All my girly girls and my tomboys
Everything I do cuz it’s my choice

Original sin, estrogen got my skin a glowin
Sometimes a zit when the bitchness is overflowin
I got these curves on my terms
Watch your words watch me serve
Intuitive witchy girl might take over the whole world
What part can’t you admit
Is it cuz I’m bad and I’m rich
Is it cuz you can’t but you wish
Kill em with a smile a kiss
Tie me in couture til I can’t breathe
So sexy in my sweats granny panties

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