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AJ Mitchell – ONE MORE FIGHT Lyrics

ONE MORE FIGHT Lyrics – AJ Mitchell

If you got something to say
go on and say it to my face
This sorta love ain’t the way no no
Holding back any more
I ain’t the one keeping score
So here’s another for your board

We can sit here waste another night
Not sure if we’ll make it one more fight

So baby we can just pretend
You’re still my lover and my friend
Put the problems all to bed
Tell ourselves these little lies
So we can do it one more time
So we can have just one more fight

Cuz I’d rather fight with you than have to fight without you

We always promise a change
But somethins just stay the same
We got a lot on our plate yeahhh
Is it the spark to the flame
Is it just part of the game
We just don’t know how to play oooo

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