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Garbage – The Creeps Lyrics

The Creeps Lyrics – Garbage

When I get like this I give myself the creeps
Like a newborn cub on little shaky feet
Stumbling around trying to find some ground
What a joke always thrashing around
Till I figure it out and then I choke

I was so upset I saw them selling me out
Right there on Los Feliz Boulevard
They were selling me cheap out there on the street
Poster sized large as life
There were tears in my eyes and so I drove on by

I cannot let my feelings to keep hijacking my brain
They’ve got a gun against my head
I’m gonna think my way around this wall I cannot change
They’ve got a gun against my head

So I drive on home my tail between my legs
I’m deadbeat tired and I’m a bit of a mess
Feeling all refreshed and brimming with hope
All my intentions are good and then I choke

In my head In my head

I gotta bend or we will fall
My reality’s a metaphor
Success is big and failure small
And I’m one inch shy of feeling tall

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