Bryson Tiller – One Sided Lyrics

One Sided Lyrics – Bryson Tiller

Yes, yes, yes
You know I tried my very best, I didn’t give you nothing less, yes
But why is it when I’m stressed about things, girl, you forget
That I need what you need and that’s little more TLC, yes
Tell me wouldn’t you agree, yes? Maybe we rush things, yes
I don’t wanna make no scene, but yes I’m hurting (I’m really hurting now)
If he swear you wanna be, I guess you deserve him (yes, you deserve him)
And you don’t need no stress from me, I guess
I should just leave, I guess

Yes, yes, yes
I know you tried your very best, you didn’t give me nothing less (nah, nah)
I admit I made a mess and when it seems I learned my lesson
I just did things that keep you guessing, well there’s no more guessing
You just gotta see my side, please try (please try)
I know you felt weak for a while (for a while), but now
I see why, I know why you wanted to keep me around
But I don’t like to see you down
I wanna be the reason you smile
Now you leaving the house, ah
Now she said
She said
She said