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Fredo Bang – Jail Blues Lyrics

Jail Blues Lyrics – Fredo Bang

I’m so tired of seeing these grey walls
I know my momma hate the phone calls
And they say I wont see the judge till Monday

I ain’t rocking with the trial now, uh
I ain’t get time to make no story either (fuck)
Just cause I got caught riding with a heater
I wouldn’t tote her if I didn’t need her
Catch my bunk, watch my surrounding
Gotta stay up on my ten, I know this nigga from that world
And I could feel it in the wind
I think that, he got some beef with my ken
(fuck it)
Nigga we could get it in, ouuuuu
Prosecutors wanna bury me alive
All I ever did was try to stay alive
I got kids and family that need me in they life
You take away my freedom and you feel like that’s alright

I got jail blues (yeah, yeah)
I got jail blues
I got jail blues (yeah, yeah)
I got jail blues (yeah)

Creased all my jumpers, I swapped designer for a orange collar
That clock be ticking I hope they think about me every hour
Got a heart in this bitch, tell her mama I quit ain’t got too many options
I’m sick of eating cold meals and taking cold showers

I got jail blues
I got jail blues

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