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Tinashe – Small Reminders Lyrics

Small Reminders Lyrics – Tinashe

Time is racing (Yeah, yeah)
Life seems so long (So long, hey, uh)
Don’t go wasting (Don’t go, don’t, hey)
Before it’s all gone

Never stop, never quit, never that (Never that)
Promises that I make to myself (Yeah)
Big drip so I stay in my bag (Big drip)
Bad bitch, make a hater so mad (Woo)
Lookin’ up, there’s snakes in the grass
Don’t move so I stay on my own
When I get to the top it’s a wrap
Ain’t nobody tellin’ me shit about shit, and that’s that

Now or never
Perfect timing
I’ll live forever
The stars keep shining
Love will find us
Don’t go chasing
Small reminders
Time is racing

I spend fifty-five on the fill-up
I got the top down in the winter
Winter, it’s windy
I keep the cookies and the doobie lit up
Lit up, uh
I’m dodgin’ police, gotta duck tonight

And I’m hella fly, push it up, feelin’ soft
Winter fall, rolling up the weed and
I live it up, goin’ through the ceilin’ now
Came back, go with three-peat, Michael Jordan
Uh, I got the dream and I see it clearer
Before my head ever hit the pillow
I paid my dues and I feel like enough is enough
And enough is enough, and enough is enough, and enough is enough

Goin’ so dumb
Goin’ crazy
Losing count of
But I’m still facing

Oh, oh-oh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Mm-hmm, yeah
They say nothing lasts forever
Be in pain or be in pleasure (Be in pain or be in pleasure, ooh, ooh)
Nothing hurts me anymore and it’s [?] (Ooh, ooh)
We done left the wounds

What do you dream about (What do you dream about?)
When no one else is there to listen?
What do you wish for? (What do you wish for?)
What do you care about? (What do you care about?)
Got so much weight all on your shoulders (Got so much weight all on your shoulders)
You’re sick of carrying around (You’re sick of carrying around)
When you look in the mirror (The mirror, the mirror)
When you think about your mistakes (About your mistakes)
Don’t make a sound
Who are you really though? (Who are you really though?)
When no one can convince you different, do you even know?
If you could undo what you’re going through
Would you? (Would you?)
Ooh, you and me