Almighty Jay – NO LABEL Lyrics

NO LABEL Lyrics – Almighty Jay

Tell them what I did
You won’t tell them I looked out for you a couple times
When you couldn’t pay your rent
You gonna lie and say I didn’t
(I didn’t)

You ain’t gonna tell them I sent my steppers to step on your behalf
When you was beefing with them niggas
Had to lock in with myself
I had to focus on my business
I know you fucked my dawg
But you still lied and said you didn’t
God forgive, I don’t so don’t come ask me for forgiveness
Watched my closest homies change it turned me into a menace
We give out body bags, a lot of cash, I bought her a Prada bag
Her face wasn’t all that but I still fucked cause she got a lot of ass
My dawg can get anything he want from me
He knows he ain’t gotta ask
Gotta bitch from the hood and she street smart but she got a lot of class

I took them letters out my name, they started saying I was switching up
I then been down a couple times and you wasn’t there to come pick me up
I got a call from the hood, word around town they was trying to come stick me up
I got a call from my auntie, she said my cousin died I was sick as fuck
You change up and I didn’t make you
Just because I love you I won’t save you
You’re my brother no Cain and Abel
I’m the one that put food on the table
I felt like I didn’t have a voice I started beefing with my label
They didn’t care I was down and out, they didn’t give a fuck that I wasn’t stable
They already knew I was hard but they was just hating
They didn’t wanna give me my credit
You turned your back you’re a fraud
My homies was snakes
I had to learn to accept it
I put my hood on my back but that wasn’t enough for them
Then my own cousin turned jealous
I love my auntie to death, but if he ever try me I gotta send him to heaven

Ain’t been to church, I hit my knees and pray
FN in my pants like fuck a nigga, my lawyer gonna beat the case
I ain’t trying to ignore you, I’m not in the mood I just need some space
My moma worried about me, she knew I was hurting last time she seen my face
$50,000 for this Cuban, I’m trying to fuck who trying to link
When the last time I used a rubber on a bitch, hold on I’m trying to think
She keep a handing me Casamigos, I get in my feelings everytime I drink
You can’t play me for a bitch, I know I’m a real nigga everytime I blink
I can’t stress no bitch I’m not that one nigga from ‘Black Ink’
Anderson Street Almighty, I’m still the same nigga from the back street
They didn’t know it was a track hawk, they know we did a hit out a black Jeep
The same rap bitch that threw dirt on my name
Sucked my dick in the backseat
You nasty