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Furrows – Grey Cities Lyrics

Grey Cities Lyrics – Furrows

You are gone now
Covered by a horizon
Your salvation
A city of grey

As I wander, passing back through a memory
Chasing what you left me
The shining sun in your eye

At a distance we are one still
In a fragrance filling up your night
When you faltered I would catch you
But I’m lost here on the other side of the line

In the open, unseen, unseen but always there

Every time, I reach over the wall
In my weakness reaching for you
There’s nothing there, nothing left to resolve
But to know an emptiness inside
These inner eyes, that fade

There’s a soft voice you can hear, so cold yet earnest
There’s a solace that’s calling through your door
In the ruins, of this living memory we’re crawling up a stairway
To something real

In the open, unseen
Unseen, but always there

In the open, unseen

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