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BG Lil Pat & Bando HotHead – Facts Lyrics

Facts Lyrics – BG Lil Pat

(he on x games mode)
Do it yeah, do it yeah
What (what)

Now we smoking on harvey
Roll up another wood while we up in the party
f*ck Tay he sorry
Lil dre’ got hit up now he up there with marky
Cash boy got hit up
lil tory got shot like a nigga took pictures
f*ck chris forget him
But i guess it was cause of that guy that was with him
And i’m still with the low shit
Lo Jack blew his self guess he up on some slow shit
Lil facts on go bitch ,call up jv wit the glock gon throw shit
Lil money gone blow bitch
Last time i checked the score niggas down like 0-6
Hit a stain we poking
Pack got me high, got me losing focus
Show me, my opponent, but i put it on chris that thesе niggas don’t want it
And i’m staying in my lane
Niggas ain’t on shit
I ain’t worried bout a thing
Turn a nigga to a frame
Hе was screaming f*ck bandz now we turn it into a game
With the glock, i aim send shots at his top knock his noodles out his brain
Four,three what i claim,chris mo got cracked that was hot shit flame
And i’m cooling with the gang
Catch me on the low end, yeah you know i’m bullet gang
Duck v they some lames
Catch them lacking that’s another body added to the names
B and’ em do your gang
And in it for the money, give a f*ck bout the fame
Lil tay got f*cked up, hot shit went in but i guess a nigga lucked up
In the field, nigga what’s up?
He actin tough of the pills, smoke his ass nigga tough luck
(in the field, nigga what’s up?
He actin tough of the pills, smoke his ass nigga tough luck
Nigga tough luck,he tough off the pills smoke his ass,nigga tough luck)

Now lets speak facts,cross west BD gang its 069th where we at
And we smokin on jacks, ain had to kill him turn himself to a pack
Yea,chick,he a rat,they snitch on each other but f*ck allat
Can’t go like who? the exotic man his ass gon deuce
Kc with me too,twin glocks you don’t want to see them boy act a fool
Sneak dissing on gang,nine to the nine we’ll stay in our lane
And i’m smoking on bang,f*ck ask doug they not on the thing
In a foreign switching lanes
Got a bad lil bitch and she trying to meet the gang
.45 go “bow” i was bussin of the meds i was trying to cool down
Now its a man down,marky tried to fight got put in the ground
And tez ass dead too
Fat kelz couldn’t run, he got hit in the head
.45 got a mop stick can’t run cause this wet glock bitch
Thirty rounds in the glock we pop shit
Man down somebody got chopped quick
Smoke tory to the face,we off it
E.t got put in the coffin
Can’t slide through the strip,playing offense,shoot innocents yall ain’t up shit
Hit the switch one time and its called a glitch

Do it yeah,do it yeah

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