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NO1-NOAH – Bounce Lyrics

Bounce Lyrics – NO1-NOAH

Let’s bounce, let’s bounce
Let’s bounce
Turn up, don’t turn down
It’s really on
Turn up, don’t it turn down
It’s tasting strong
Add a little soda, and cancel out
Got you patron, pouring it up inside your mouth
This party is on, brought your friends from out of town
Don’t usually go nowhere tonight, I’m coming out
And this place so small, got no choice, but to talk it out

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
On that dick
Show me what you with
Holding on your wig
While I watch you do a split
I ride for my bitch
The same way she ride this dick

She gon drive me crazy, when she riding on the tip
I give you a tip, only suck up on the tip
If you do it for me right, I do it better than you did
Make you bust, and make you love him
Make you really want a kid

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
On that dick
Baby do a split
Do it upside down, right now
Add a twist
Brody and the blunt, with the kief, had a kick

Know you feel me in the slightest
Either way you put it down, I know that I’ma like it
Knew what you wanted way before you started typing
Already out in front, baby I’m a psychic
I just want to do it the right way, the way you like it
Get you from your night shift
Rolled you something good, got you food, know how the night gets
Went and got your favorite, already know you like it
Know my baby so damn well, that she can’t fool me in the slightest
I know how to make her climax, know that’s when she ride it
I’m hitting the right spot, and she help me find it
I cum, you cum, same time
Perfect timing
Getting high together
And we both reaching our climax

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
On that dick
Baby do a split
Don’t worry bout a thing
I’ll buy another wig
Baby really love it when a nigga

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