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$ilkMoney – Africa Lyrics

Africa Lyrics – $ilkMoney

Bitch, as I was sayin’, don’t you touch a motherfuckin’ button up here, bitch. Nothin’ in this cockpit, ho. You gon’ fuck around and crash this ship so don’t you touch a motherfuckin’ thang up here, bitch
Ayy, mayday, nigga! This- this is the- this is the Nebu Kinigga, nigga. I’m ’bout to crash land. I don’t know where the fuck I’m goin’, somebody send me the coordinates or somethin’, nigga! Where the- where the fuck am I goin’, nigga?!

8.7, 34.5 longitude and latitude
With a 4.0 and no less than a 3.5 inside of the classroom
I’m carcinogen and give a bitch every inch of dick as if it’s past due
I give her Yelp a bad review and stomp a nigga out
In a pair of all white Stacy Adams tappin’ shoes
“Oh shit, CuumMoney, them niggas on ya dick”
Oh well, that’s bad news
I took a nap, now I’m back to stay on a nigga naps
Like S-curls, line ups, and head tattoos
Everything around me, nigga, you know that cash rules
Get edged up in a fitted cap like Papoose
Every bar a meal, my nigga, I’m spittin’ rap food
Try to play real and won’t hesitate to clap you
Shit, bitch, we gotta switch to a different curriculum
It’s ridiculous how my dick, it just swing like a pendulum
“All he does is talk about his dick, what a waste of penmanship”
My same pen from my penmanship is the pen I take attendance with
Same pen from attendance is the same pen I fuck these bitches with
Same pen I fuck bitches with, I use to write down these digits quick
The digits hit and add up to what would have been before difference split
So I hit Africa with the same bitch from licks I attended with

87-83-2- south, 34.50.85. east (Wah)
87-83-2- south, 34.50.85. east (Ha)
87-83-2- south, 34.5- nah, hold up man, nah-nah, fuck that shit, nigga (Wah)

Africa, Africa, Africa, that shit so magical
What happen, what happen, happen to us, shit was so tragic, then
They sacked us, then shackled, and packed us up
Promised us promise land
Then beat us, reteach us, mistreat us, gentrifying where we stand
I’m grown now, mama, I’m grown now, teach me these truths I type
‘Bout how they really not tryna protect me but wanna take my life
‘Bout how they try to portray me as ugly, but imitate my plight
‘Bout how Jesus ain’t real and my cries only unearth my fight
Teach me ’bout the Asiatic black man and how he is me
Teach me ’bout how “nigga” derives from “negus” and it means “king”
Teach me ’bout Haile Selassie and Emperor Menelik
I want to be God if that’s what it means for me
To be a G