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Bumpin’ my old shit for perspective
I became who I looked up to when I was seven
That’s a win in my book
Your girl loves the way I’m singing my hooks
But lift the veil up, I got raps
That’ll go over your head like a Hijab
And I got a French girl who says she loves my je ne sais quoi
Got the type of problems that a Bentley can’t solve
Or maybe one, fuck, ignore that
There’s been Henny involved, you trendy that’s all
You won’t make it past the next five
You don’t got enough product
Your fans are looking for the next high
In walks the next guy, with a stash
That’ll last, way longer than that mid that you saying is gas
I’m not chasing the cash, but some more zeros would be lovely
In the meantime, I’m just tryna get the whole world to love me
It’s funny how they say it’s too ambitious of me
I think it’s funny how y’all sounding like some bitches to me
Wishes can be, more than wishes if you wish ’em to be
I mean, want ’em to be, I mean
Act on ’em, and out comes the piranha in me
Sinking my teeth in my dreams until reality bleeds
Waking up is motivation
I know the basics, and then some
I got more clips than ten guns when the feds come
Fuck looking fresh, I’m tryna look unassuming
If your eyes are in your pockets
Stop looking towards my movement
I move with a, certain type of bravado
Your girl loves me like Jamaica loves Mavado
Moscato is a little too weak, I need something stronger
You sound like McDonalds, I sound like Benihana
Flip flip, flip flip
Work work, work work
I be juggling, juggling work work work work
I been bubbling, bubbling work work work work
I’m a star, ooh, I’m ’bout to burst burst burst

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