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Rhino! – SHAMU Lyrics

SHAMU Lyrics – Rhino!

Taken back
Matter fact I’m astonished
What I’m doin idk
But I’m just bein honest

All white maclaren
Playin YG and mozzy
Hit the pedal one time
Think this joint did an Ollie

Yea, Rap game Freddie Benson
They stay askin me when I’m gon learn my lesson
I was born in 97’ think I know wrong from right
I should prolly get my act together but not tonight

I see the text bubble pop up and then disappear again
She prolly tellin all her friends that it’s me again

More red flags then a communist parade
And I know u shoulda left but I’m glad that u stayed
We in the guest room said I’m glad that u came
I do this every night man my life is insane

Ferragamo loafers with the white socks
She play soccer at Boulder I told her kick rocks
Big shock, elevator light hittin all these big rocks
And She got an OF that should be no surprise
I looked at her and laughed, What a time to be alive

And i can see right thru that u a phony

And i acquired a taste for Rigatoni

I Said imma do it now it’s bout time
I’m mixed but my pocket full of white guys

And She just livin for them story replies and she
Not that affected by that look in ur eyes
I’m Not that surprised yall fallin for all the lies
Tranna save these hoes like yall seen a light beam in the night sky
Captain save a hoe draped in a Versace robe
I’m a star u should know what i be on
How u 25+ wearin vlone

Yea you wit 2 fives I’m wit 2 dimes
And they too fine i hit 2 times
They advised, take my time
realized that it’s my life.

And ever since I blew up y’all be acting different
She love dick and hate church, call her sacrilegious
And i do all this shit cuz I can too
I’m in a roped off section I feel like Shamu

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