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Jubël – I & I Lyrics

I & I Lyrics – Jubël

I’m gonna have a fucking real good time
Lose my mind
Cuz I’m feelin fine
I don’t need nobody else around
Me, myself just I and I
I’m gonna make it on my own tonight
Tired of
your stupid lies
I don’t need nobody else alrigjt

Listen up
Step aside quick and get off my face
I’ma ride solo to find my space
I don’t need feels to get in my way
I’ma book a flight to saint tropez
I don’t speak french, Parle pa Francais
time to get lose with myself and I

I just found myself in the VIP
everybody dance on the balcony
champagne showers and tropic heat
Speeding my boat on the ocean waves
finally know how to navigate
A sunset dream to a sweet escape

mmm thinking
of all the nights I’ve been out drinkin
And how my brain slowly starts sinking but i don’t care
I am gonna have a fuckin

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