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DaBaby – STICKED UP Lyrics

STICKED UP Lyrics – DaBaby

(Uzoma , Come Here)
Oh-oh, oh, oh-yeah
Oh-oh, oh, oh-yeah
Oh-oh, oh, oh-yeah
Fuck it up
Ayy look

“Fuck-shit”, I’m not havin’ that, nah
Can’t see these fuck-niggas cataracts
I’m shittin’ (Brr), imagine that
Please don’t trip on her, you can have her back
Real nigga stand on all ten toes
When nobody got your back, you better have a back
If I don’t got a damn thing, I better got a strap
Swervin’ my Mercedes Benz like the bitch a Cadillac
Nigga I’m

Blicked up, sticked up
Blicked up, sticked up
Blicked up, sticked up (Let’s go)
Blicked up, yeah

Sometimes I don’t gotta speak (Uh-huh)
Sometimes she just pull out and eat (Let’s go)
Ooh, you a whole lotta freak (Ooh-ooh)
You my boo, hit my phone, I won’t cheat (Ooh-ooh)
Type of pussy make you go to jail
Okay, how much my bond? That shit cheap (Shit cheap)
Pick me up from my side when I’m free (Uh-huh)
They love pussy, that mine, that shit me
I sit back and roll up, watch her spit on it
Got a nigga ready to bet on it
She ain’t puttin’ that shit on me
Got a nigga doin’ extra shit
Like the lil’ lamest bitch right here
She got some game, it fucked me up
I had to go run it with big homie
Like oh, g, why I like it so much?
Why her pussy so tight when we fuck?
Look her dead in the eyes
“Bitch, you gon’ be my wifey or what?”
She say “No-oh”
Damn, that’s fucked up
But fuck it, I’m

Sticked up (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Blicked up, sticked up (Yeah)
Blicked up (Yeah), sticked up (Yeah, yeah, bitch I’m)
Blicked up (Yeah, thuggin’, I’m)
Sticked up (Yeah, yeah), blicked up (Boom)
Sticked up (Yeah), blicked up (Let’s go)
Sticked up (21)

Chop’ in the back and it came with a scope
People took from me, I gave them the most
You nigga small fries, I got a coupon
Mention my name and it come with free smoke
You wanna slide, I show you the roads
Bring you some gloves, but don’t bring your phone
Tell your bitch that you might not make it home
Honor for your actions, nigga, we grown
Blicked up (21), everywhere I go, I got it felt up (21)
All the hotboxes we done pilled up (21)
Plenty times nigga could’ve killed us (21)
Shot me six times, I ain’t bitch up (21)
Stood toe-to-toe with the best of ’em (21)
FN bullets for the rest of ’em (21)
She been on my mind, let me text her (21)
Niggas wanna cuff, arrest her (21)
Still daydream how I sext her (21)
That pussy just get wetter (21)
Get you out your panties, I’m clever (21)
When it come to pretty women, got several (On God)
I’m in Bottega buyin’ leather (On God)
Sticks up like I got a vendetta (On God)
Keep a chopper ’cause it guard my cheddar (On God)

That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby