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YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Tweet Bird Lyrics

Tweet Bird Lyrics – YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Call herself breakin up with me and said imma sweety tweet
If I need help and I’m fucked up, you need more help than me
Think you playin me, don’t play with me
No I can’t control you, gon’ do as I say long as you stay with me
Okay, lets go

I’m tryna go, I’m tryna rise
Why shouldn’t I quit it? It’s bringin me down
She ain’t all in, I don’t wanna know
Got a habit, all she know to ride
Already know what type of time im on
Rich nigga, I don’t wanna go outside
You ain’t even got to laugh with me
Smile or pretend like you mine
Pretend like you feeling slime
When you really feel like I ain’t shit inside
Insecure walking dead he a lonely nigga
He ain’t loyal to him he ain’t loyal to y’all
Only care about his self when his feelings involved
Bitch made me come out my draws
Then say I need help when she took my phone
And call herself tryna cut me off
I got three cuban links as my bracelets right now
Tryna stay on shine, keep your mind on money
All that other shit I ain’t worried about
Fuck around, nigga get took off when that birdy call
I ain’t even tryna fuck around
All that murder man shit know you niggas heard about

Call herself breakin up with me and said imma sweety tweet
If I need help and I’m fucked up, you need more help than me
Think you playin me, don’t play with me

How could you leave me in this state? It’s like we never united
She ask me where I wanna go, you know I stay undecided
Can’t have my business up in public, I like keeping it private
I thought you mattered girl, you gassing me, no you not solid
Liquid in my body, so I sleep through the nonsense
Not tonight, we ain’t alright, we stay i’m [?]
Need them bands, stick to the plan, gotta touch like Midas
She say that I’m dope, if you ain’t know then you should try it

Feel like we got a lack of communication, hold on lets talk
Feel like our love we lost
If you wanna leave now, I’ll help pack up, put yo’ shit in the car
Matter fact call you a Uber, Imma take back the car
Let me cherish it all, let me have back my heart
I kept it all the way, I was playin my part
And you know, I ain’t treat you like them other hoes
And you know, ‘for you hurt me I’ll let you go
Fuckin these hoes, I ain’t trustin these hoes
Wanna be single forever, puttin that on my soul
Don’t need no love no, Dont need no love no

Lets take a break and we call fall right back on track like woah
Imma keep it real with you, just sit back and relax yo’ soul
Yeah you wet like water, when I jump inside, yea it feel like a boat
Sometimes I wish I was yo’ friend so I could say you a groupie hoe
Don’t need to check my stylist nigga
These niggas want me they be wylin nigga
Sixteen, got two under my pockets nigga
Dont need cologne, my smell be blindin niggas

Yea Yea, I let you bottle my emotions, can I get ’em back?
Ok, I fuck with you like you my blood, but I can’t get attatched
Say that you need me, dont think that you do
Had to [?], but I’m seeing it through
Say you got my back, but no one got me like I do
Even though you got me screwed up, dont wanna grab that tool, no
I rather just move on, yea, tired of singin that same old song
Time for a new one, yea
Nigga a new song with a new bitch and a brand new g[?]
Whole gang gon’ hold it down until the day they Free TOP

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