Russ – Salute Lyrics

Salute Lyrics – Russ

Yeah, CHOMP 2
9th Wonder
Yeah, let me talk to ’em
Yeah, yeah

The sun is beamin’ down, I’m wrapped up in the light
May never be fulfilled ’cause with the mill’ comes the appetite
[?], I make a fortune, y’all just tappin’ the screens
She askin’ me if I’m a player, ’bout to draft her on the team
I got this fiend from my shattered dreams and let it propel me
I got the juice like Martin Nelly
My success it feels stealthy, under the radar
Stay out the graveyard, my momma praise hard
I was in Brazil and women treated me like Neymar
Rockstar, Sammy Hagar
Good neighbor like State Farm so people go to war for me like Braveheart
I told the pilot, “Keep the plane parked”
We out celebratin’ (Yeah)
My shows are spiritual, you’ll think the crowd’s levitatin’ (Yeah)
I’m still acceleratin’, this ain’t my top speed
I feel like the one, I can’t be worried ’bout top threes
You swimmin’ in calm seas, good luck when it gets rough
I swam through the storms, and now the waves don’t affect much
They mad, I stay blessed up (Yeah)
They’d rather me messed up (Yeah)
They tryna stop my movement but it’s you who’s gon’ get stucked (Haha)
I stay in tune, they be chasin’ news
Pumpin’ poison to the people, I remain immune
Homies carry sticks like they playin’ pool, they play it cool, you never know (Be cool)
You get it all once you let it go
You better grow on first, keep your soul nourished
Gotta watch your words around the media, they always got the phones up, tell ’em, “No [?]” (Weirdos)
I told my momma, “Go purchase anything you desire”
Another million dollar wire, in the midst of the fire
The sharpest steel gets made and I’m immersed in the flames
People cursin’ my name, the person that I became
Is someone who can get burnt but not be hurt by the pain
But I ain’t gon’ lie to you, man, at first it was strange
I yearn for the rain, somethin’ to reverse or restore
‘Til I embraced and it flipped it, now it can’t hurt me no more, yeah

I’m undisputed, you cannot rebuke it
Look how they salutin’ me (Salute, salute)
Whether it’s this side, over there it’s that side
Look how they salutin’ me (Salute, salute)

Ayo, my heart’s chromed, I trapped a .9 on my [?]
Made it a half a gram, sure can’t decide though (Boom-boom, boom-boom)
[?] to get me goin’, Palm Angels was fallin’ off the sky
[?] shake up the leg
The Johnny [?] lookin’ like Winnipegs
Cocaine [?] were misbehavin’ like a ceilin’ fan
Smellin’ [?], let’s make a movie, bitch
Go to JJ, let’s get a two piece, I’m tryna do me
Got the two-seater, you never seen one (Skrr)
Just bought a new house, new whip
And a machine gun (Grrrrrttt)
Never live life of a Flintsone
I played ball, I could’ve win D1
The feeling so deep [?]
Each one teach one
Sittin’ in a cell like nigga gon’ be somethin’
We doin’ walk ups, no drivebys today (Boom-boom, boom-boom)
[?], gumbo, shrimp and filet (And filet)
Catch a nigga for his jewels [?]
Niggas came back with some big shit, that shit spray (Grr, grrt, grrtt)
Neck look like that, corduroy toys, pickin’ out the left wing, we bling joy
What’s the math for a [?] miraculous?
Seventeen karats at my ears, what’s gold? It’s just some [?]

I’m undisputed, you cannot rebuke it
Look how they salutin’ me (Salute, salute, Let’s go, Russ)
Whether it’s this side, over there it’s that side (SP the ghost, D-Block, yeah)
Look how they salutin’ me (Salute, salute)

Yeah, kickin’ on the mic’, Mr. Wicked on the mic (Wicked)
It’s a undisputed fact
I ain’t slippin’ on the ice, I can be in a snow storm and feel hot (Hot)
Yeah, I’m healthy but I’m the sickest in the site (Sickest)
Blicker and a knife, and some nights and some weed like a lifelong with Russ
B King from 9th (9th)
Told ’em I’m the tenth one then maybe the first (I just may be)
I could kill ’em with a thought or maybe a verse
I got the handgun, homie, but the .9 in the purse
Not a man bag, thought your man had your back
Then he sold me, split up your front
Have it last, ha
Me, I’m in LAX, just ran from New York like LA next (That’s next)
MIA after that (That’s after)
Cross me then it’s MIA after that (Woo)
No ghost buss the .9 even with a plasma gas (Uh-huh)
This a code red, I am a old head (I’m a cold head)
Get popped by a skinny chick, ridin’ the mopad (Get popped)
Locked with no dreads (Uh-huh)
You niggas seen the dread when I’m near
Ask different kid, then you throw bread in that [?] (I did)
You know I got a brain for war but I’m cool now (I’m cool)
‘Cause I got the chains, the stores, yeah
And we movin’ health in the hood (We movin’ health)
You salute us, you gon’ need help in your hood (Let’s go)

I’m undisputed, you cannot rebuke it
Look how they salutin’ me (Salute, salute)
Whether it’s this side, over there it’s that side
Look how they salutin’ me (Salute, salute)