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Earl Sweatshirt – Tabula Rasa Lyrics

Tabula Rasa Lyrics – Earl Sweatshirt

Uh, off the strength I’m not as numb as I thought
I’m broken links, my circle shrinking smaller
Satellite revolve, my core is a cauldron
Surrendered orbits
Cross-check what’s really real and what’s performance
Speak for self but wondering who else really on it
Who’s really all in?
Trouble calling
My phone don’t ping, I’m buzzed, leave me alone
Truth with a stashed pocket for a lie
The document is alive
I speak life
Every border gets revised if dissolved
With the fines what it’s charged
Haven’t made up my mind
If I’m assigned to the stars
I slide when I walk
I’m inside of the funk, trust
She want up when it dump
It came from the sludge
Involuntary, shooting foundations in studs
Tears and snot bubbles, sob puddles
I lay in the [?], listen
Let’s not conflate, I give what I take
It’s the hunt, there is the chase
Some talk like they never got punched in the face
You can’t see clearly now, don’t come near me
Wails of the weary, [?] infinite
Draw me closer, damn near intimate

The flyest [?] sexy
I came through over proofing the plastic Pepsi bottle
Security didn’t check me
Skipped coat check, they planned the oldies
Imma go ‘head and get sweaty
Plus saved the ten-piece
It’s hell up in Harlem so meet me
‘Cross 100 and 10th street
If the tree’s a bargain [?]
That don’t really tempt me

I’m from where every car foreign and we drive ’em on empty (Zimbabwe)
Bury me in a borrowed suit
Give my babies my rhyme books but tell ’em “Do you”
Give my enemies the good news, time flew
We was probably brothers back then like TRU
No jerseys, no durags, hard-bottom shoes
Niggas tired of the foolishness
No disrespect, its a lotta mids in the room

My pack loud, cut right through
[?] in the booth
So you ain’t gettin’ the stew
Sese Seko Mobutu if the DJ play something smooth (Slide on ’em)

It’s a move
I don’t dance but maybe tonight
Maybe tonight
I don’t know her, and I don’t even mind if it is the strobe light
Live for the living
I made chicken late night in my boxers burning up the kitchen

She passed out right when I was done fixing
I watch reruns in the dark
Fingers and lips glistening

I’m so damn proud of myself
I did this for you, G. Alright?

Been to there and back, talk tales, talk to the breeze
We keep facts in the midnight wax
Family tree sap
Lightly through the leaves on familiar tracks
I know it’s real even when I’m feeling bad
Resilient as they build to black
She shimmy into the yeah, that’s consent gettin’ established
You only trash if you trash, I keep it simple and dynamic
Trust the passage write to life’s chapters
I have to write to find balance
This game of telephone massive
I do what I have to with the fragments
The madness method rampant these days
I let the panic pass me
Featherweight, my heart was straight despite baggage
Asymptomatic but I get sicker, the delay’s faster, faster
Practicing, practicing what I preach, keep pace
The calcium on my teeth fade
The streets are blazed with the anger, complacency and deceit create
Ice sheet break
I couldn’t weak, wait
All I could say to the times I couldn’t freeze frame, bleak fate
You got so much to bleed to clean slate
The bag of tricks in my sleeve breaks
Southpaw under the north star
Forcing all the league changes
Don’t sleep baby