Rich Brian – Sunny Lyrics

Sunny Lyrics – Rich Brian

Going through some shit
Yeah, ay, uh

Feeling like my ignorance has been breaking apart, uh
Somewhere between making Ms and making my mark
Stare at the ceilng, what is the purpose?
I’m praying my brain’s the church
I’mma need to buy some detergent
My spirit got on some dirt
I’m 22 but feeling 29
And 12 all at the same time
Scrap with some demons for hours like anime fights
Never tell my parents the truth
But the day I do, I can see their perspective
I just hope that they gon’ understand mine

I got a crib now
I don’t owe nobody for this work
So I just thank God
Came across so many bottles filled with tears
The market is a place of fear
The shades they rock to cover up them pained eyes
Chase success but hope I don’t get too successful
Fame wise, uh
Fake honesty, you not my friend, you franchise
I don’t want a life where privacy’s a thing I can’t find
Yeah, they love the movie but they move on when the main dies
Man, it’s tragic
Too many cameras, it’ll get you manic
Don’t want the fame, I want some rest
This shit is thankless
I heard the rent’s expensive up in Calabasas
My plan today is get some head and get my prayers answered
Or maybe tail, coin toss
Your energy ain’t touching me
I’ll rip your face off
Been through a lot, I’m moving like I never take loss
I’ll make a movie and my life’s the story that it’s based of
Fuck around and eat some Jollibee’s
I love the grease and all the seasoning
I just want some peace
No enemies, but I’mma still compete
New apartment, got my keys
We fuckin’ in the evening
Apologies but I’mma body you in songs I’m featuring

You ain’t gonna rap no mo’ no mo’
You gonna be a Tik Toker dancer, no no
You gonna be a filmmaker when you meet Scorcese
He will say your movies all trash and so so

Man this shit is soundin’ painful
Praising the Lord, but I’m here to make satan look like an angel
With the wings and all like Lemon Pepper
Ricky Ross and Drake
In any case you know I’m in when I got them currencies to make
I got the cake
The heist is easy when you know the combination to the safe
This shit come easy to me
I just ask, he give it to me
I used to roll the paper now the paper rollin’ in
Man, I don’t know what changed
But maybe I just started focusing

You don’t like how I’m moving
‘Least I’m moving like a U-Haul
I don’t like parties in the hills
That shit is too far
They do more lines than Tarantino movies
Acting like they better than me
Take your motherfucking Prada boots off
Less brain cells than a whip-it can
Sold a couple Gildan shirts, tell the world he’s a business man
Your shoes are fake and your whip is rented
It’s always sunny in Indo’
And lately man I just need a tan

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