Thornhill – Arkangel Lyrics

Arkangel Lyrics – Thornhill

Fly away with me into the sun
Won’t you fly away with me?

Are you an angel? Right now?
I need an angel right now

I see red

“Whatchu waiting for?”
“Whatchu waiting for?”
I know your room like I know my head
Why are you needing more?
One look could melt the floor
Lie to me again

You’re my angel

Everything you’ve ever wanted to be
Was in the image of me girl
You’re a ravager in mauve
So I’m hoping you’ll break
“Do you ever think I’d be faking?”

“I can see through you like everyone”
I can see you lie to plea
But your heart belongs to me

You’re my angel
But she said no
You’re my angel
And I don’t need a name
I’m a killer
A slayer
A man who’s lost his way
I need an angel
To slay

I see red

“It’s easy for you baby”
His eyes match your eyes understand
I drive by you’re evil
And you made me hurt
“Make it hurt”

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