SABA – Free Samples Lyrics

Free Samples Lyrics – SABA

And in the days as we get to see now
I think it’s time for me to play
My runnin’ days with the moon would be now
I won’t stop until I find a way-ay-ay ho-oh-home
The summer’s gaze gives me ticklin’ knees now
Anticipate a veil of shade
But the shade is a gift from the tree now
I won’t stop until I see the change I have made

Damn, it’s been a while since nights we saw you
Under the fire, duckin’ fist fire, run, run
To everybody that look like us
Who fam don’t talk when they’re tired
‘Cause more than what meets your eyelids
And live in the park, just dyin’ make you forget what you fight about
Plus what good is that flight? You ain’t flyin’ out your entire house
From Camry cars to the fancy [?] without any dark kids in the train cart
Hustle candy bars to play basketball
I still get nostalgic seein’ houses that my family lost
They wished upon a star, I caught it like I’m Randy Moss
When granny fought for her property, she would turn down any cost
I’m the grandson that crawled, who lived across from the faucet
The faster me to spread love through holiday poverty
Hand-me-downs I was givin’, I thought they was bought for me
A tale of two Chicagos, this gets confused commonly
‘Cause when you commemorate it if you’re the hot commodity
I tried that invincible shit, but the principle is
When there’s niggas defendin’ your wig, then it’s a pendulum shift
I tried to spend a little less like a minimalist
But then I can confess that this gets harder the bigger you get