Belle And Sebastian – Unnecessary Drama Lyrics

Unnecessary Drama Lyrics – Belle And Sebastian

I read your letter from before
You’ve been having so much fun
And is it possible you’re just telling me
To draw me in?
There’s an array of douchebags lining up
To play their stupid parts
And did you ever pause
Before you gave your love away?

This is my life
This is my so-called life
This is my life
This is my only life

And when you came to me that summer
You were just a shell
You were holding close to mother
She was ashen with the strain
And there was miles to go yet
Miles to build that
Sister loving bond
And then I figured that the music
Set your soul albaze

And it’s probably not surprising
That you’re buring through the days
And if i had a second encore
I would probably do the same
And if the intimacy ever stops
I’ll miss your stories
Miss your letters
Ever awkward fumble should be framed

Strange days
Poison characters
My particular haze
Please send…

Enjoy the fervor of your love life
Cause it doesn’t last
And with a suddenness that is cruel
Everything can go to hell
But then you find a new path
Leave the old path
Leave the games behind
And on a morning climb you see the grime
And feel amazed

I know you felt you gave your best
But it was never going to do
There’s always going to be a younger
Hungry idol coming through
I know it wasn’t thrilling
Just like living
You and me could talk like kissing
Every conversation was divine

This is my life
This is my so-called life
This is my life
This is my only life

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