Dolly Parton – Lost And Found Lyrics

Lost And Found Lyrics – Dolly Parton

Lost count of all the countless things
I’ve lost throughout the years
Lost friends and time and interest in
The things I should hold dear
Lost sleep just pondering the things
That have been lost to me
Especially the loss of love
I’ve needed desperately

I find it doesn’t help at all
To sit around and brood
I find nobody gives a damn
About your petty moods
At least that’s what I thought
Until the day you came along
Now I find my restless soul
Has finally found a home

Lost and found, I’m safe and sound
No more drifting aimlessly, I’ve settled down
I finally came around
No more to roam, those days are gone
I was alone, now I know I don’t have to be
Since your amazing love has found me

Lost and found, unchained, unbound
No more second guessing, I know who I am
Now I’m on solid ground
And this love you’ve shown, like none I’ve known
All hope was gone, now I can see eternity
Since your amazing love has found me

So much has changed, you’ve healed my pain
It’s not the same, I know it never will be
I once was lost but now I’m found
Since your amazing love has found me
You found me
You found me