Bob Moses – Believe Lyrics

Believe Lyrics – Bob Moses

Well, the road can get so lonely
I wonder how you wait so long
And it comes on without warning
This feeling that I don’t belong
So I walk ’round heavy hearted
The summer night can seem so long
This summer night I’m holding on

Still so far to go ’til we’re back together
I need you more than ever
Further than we know ’til we’re back together
I need you more than ever

You make me believe
It’s more than just a dream
That’s hanging out of reach
I’m coming back to you
The tired, empty streets
The silence in between
Goes on and on
I’m so far gone
And you’re the one I need
‘Cause you make me believe

It was easy when we started
There was something that I had to do
It’s been so long since we parted
Too many nights away from you
And I know it’s only heartache
A little case of lover’s blues
But I don’t wanna have to choose