Peter McPoland – Let Her Remember Lyrics

Let Her Remember Lyrics – Peter McPoland

Do you remember?
I think it was June
Maybe a Monday afternoon
In the parking lot, I guess I’ve forgotten it too
And we sat there, and your blonde hair
Rippled like grass in the summer air
And your green eyes, oh my god
Are you really there?

Let her remember

We stood on the pavement, I stared at the ground
I played with the pebbles, and I asked you how
How much longer till we figure this out?
Through your warm tears and your red ears
And the way that you turned your head away
I don’t know but, I don’t have much left to say

Let her remember

Take it all back, back to me
While I’ll take the blame this time
All I’ll ever need, just tell me it’s alright
And I loved you too, too much to say
Oh more than the nights and more than the days
Oh, I do remember
I know it was June, on a Monday afternoon
In the parking lot, I guess you’ve forgotten

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