Kwengface – Runtz / Oh My Lyrics

Runtz / Oh My Lyrics – Kwengface

YPB: the Archive
YPB, Brap
(F12, F12)
Kwengface, baby
(Scratch mixed it)

We know about tri-trips
That’s why the feds try do me for **** (‘Low it)
The judge said, “Yuck,” on my previous
Huh, I’m so mischievous (Mad)
When I jumped out the ride and I cheffed up ****
On my life, try do him up previous
I might jump on a flight to Greece with a sweet one (Woosh)
Do a quick destress
I’m a stepper whatever
When I step in my hood, got my strap and my wetter (For sure)
Poked-up tip on a hand ting
Can’t even lie, got no time for no lever (That’s long cuz’)
A and G on a murk, two-litre and the seats come leather (Skrt, skrt)
The feds done said that I’m clever, ‘cah I ain’t snappin’ my daily endeavours
I ain’t no number two, but I’m bringing the heat like my name’s Endeavor
On the strip with my hand ting, leave a man plankin’
Tell an old friend don’t mess up (Don’t mess up)
Step on the strip, man’s lettin’ it rip
I swear that it’s nothin’ but pressure
Real trap boy, come to my bando, ten racks under the dresser
Look, gettin’ nicked so much
I’m startin’ to think that my house is bugged
Been in the cell for like 24 hours, got bail and I swear on my life, I’m chucked
Nuts, the life that I live is nuts
Bro-bro still tryna turn him to runtz
Don’t lack on the block we dance
When I slapped it, can’t lie, man jump
Groupie seein’ me on stage just shellin’ it, now she thinks that I’m gone clear
Spent a two-and-a-half on this beater, spent a Rack5 on my sweet one’s Moncler
Thick thighs, bubble butt, long hair
I swear I got caught with my ex-ting, long, I shouldn’t have gone there (Ah, ‘llow it-‘low it)
Bought me a Luger, huh, lovely
This hand ting I got it from ****
This ting tryna say that she love me, huh, you ain’t tryna hold this puppy
Ain’t gonna stop until my head backs comfy
Three-hundred racks for a tape, that’s lovely
I heard yutes tryna come to my mum’s house, sleep with a ting and I’ll blow off your Humpty
I just cash me a lil’ cheque, twenty-six racks
Can’t lie, I bought me a big wap
This see-through clip holds twenty
Sense it and get slapped by the big brap
Niggas still get done my flick-shank, dip that
If I flip that, man wig ‘dat
Ying man down ’til there’s nothin’ but blood, turn man to a Crip akh
Look, my hoodie and kicks is [?]
If I stab from here and adjust my aim, I’ll hit him from far for sure
I’m fuckin’ bored now
Me and soaker doin’ up opp block tours
You might see us in a buss-down whip, but it’s fuckin’ [?]
This ain’t beef, it’s fuckin’ war

(F12, F12)

Man’s all hungover and shit
Fuckin’ hell

Blood on my hands and blood on my kicks
Pissed, now I gotta burn this drip
Heard that them man’s fuckin’ with them man, chiz
Now I gotta burn this bridge
[?] Tom my [?]
Oof, I’m takin’ the piss
Run through bands and I run through chicks
**** cheffed up my man quick with the flicks
Ching man down with my left hand
Might have to switch to my right hand quickly
Man’s been a piece of shit since thirteen
My mum wanted to shit me
Can’t lie, just run through fifty
Different breed, so the boys don’t mix me
One time, I cop me a dots
Old and long, I got that from a Gypsy
Look, can’t be chattin’ to me
Back out the wap, watch a man get deceased
Still ring trap with a packets of grease
OT for a month, now the rack is on me
Rack on my feet, got a rack on my tee
Got a like twenty stacks on my sleeve
Rack on my feet, got a rack on my tee
Got a like twenty stacks on my-

Wooly on wooly, man’s lurking
If me and bro step, gettin’ him down for certain
Who’s that yute in a tracksuit? [?] injure that person
I was in the States last week, now I’m in Ghana workin’
(You ain’t no fuckin’ badboy, you’re an internet person)

Look, oh my (Oh my)
Gebelato, I’m fried (Fried)
Look, big [?] on a glide (Glide)
Suttin’ got dead up tonight (Tonight)
Smokin’ up [?]
Bro, I’m just high as a kite (I’m high)
Gebelato, I’m fried (I’m high)
Gebelato, I’m- (I’m high)

Look, I’m high off Incog
Look, I’m high off SA too
Fuckboy got chinged up properly, pissed
Ying get turned to a [?]
Right now I’m just smokin’ on ****
Kennington bop while I bore this zoot
Right now with the mandem, prerolls
How you want that, in the rolls or [?]?