Bugus – Lose No Sleep Lyrics

Lose No Sleep Lyrics – Bugus

I kneel at night tryna talk wit jesus
Heal my heart wit these broken pieces
Try to stay the same way how you sent me
Try to not kill these but niggas tempt me
Jus cant stand the way the world revolving
Rich get richer while the poor is starving
People line up fillin up the churches
Pastor pulled up in a jet he purchased
Young and we black so we filling up hurses
Just tryna break generational curses
They say that we the beast so they lock and chain us
Rig the whole game then try to blame us
March in peace but we jus get violence
Tryna get justice and jus get silence
Build more liquor store feed us more liquor
Fry chicken fast food make us die quicker
Its a food desert
Ya they tryna starve us
School under funded
Its far from harvard
Tryna stay alive so my day full of sin
But I had no choice I would do it again

When I lay down I lose no sleep
Pray to the lord my soul to keep
If I gotta go I tried my best
I lose no sleep I got no regrets

Everyday I wake up tryna beat the odd
Akon ans bone thug I try so hard
Gotta make heaven cuz I gotta meet god
You sent me here smooth
Im comin back scarred
No matter where I go dark skin is suffering
Things that I seen in this earth is troublin
Everybody else benefit so they lovin it
This is some cruel and usual punishment
Lets address the hate that they got for melanin
Its pretty clear in this room is an elephant
They came to africa took me outta my element
Then put me in the field had me work on they settlement
These lyin cocksuckers got rich from embezzlement
They gon like the smell of bullshit til they shovel it
Lock us up for herb then become the farmer
I no one day here come the karma
Im on my path fulfill my dharma
Im one with god so I come with armor
You know I mean good even when I jump fence
I know you wont judge you know what im up against

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