Oceanator – The Last Summer Lyrics

The Last Summer Lyrics – Oceanator

Neon signs, flashing by me and a
Cherry coke and crumpled bag of french fries lying on the passenger seat
Where you used to be
One hand out the window watching
Light play across the hood of my car from the streetlights passing by
End of another night
Riding around with your best friends
Doing the same thing every weekend
So this is what it’s really like to feel alive
Playing CDs on the stereo
Flipping through stations on the radio
Another saturday night and we’re doing all right
Driving south, past the AU campus
American graffiti ain’t got nothin on us in a honda accord
Driving not to be bored
2am by the monument and
No one’s around but everything’s still brightly lit up we’re staring up at lincoln
In downtown washington
I’m feeling so alive
With my heart open wide
The whole world seems alright
Laughing friends and neon signs
Cherry coke and french fries
See you on the other side
These are the nights i will remember
I’ll hold onto them forever
Cruisin’ around with nowhere specific in mind
Yeah this is how i will remember
The last summer together
Another saturday night and we’re doing just fine

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