Syd – Heartfelt Freestyle Lyrics

Heartfelt Freestyle Lyrics – Syd

Yeah, ayy

I ain’t finna push up on you
I’m just hopin’ you can let me know
Is this for sure?
Or is this for show?
For show
Say, babe
What you got to say, babe
I’m standin’ in the rain, babe
Oh, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah
Say you love me ’cause I love you
[?] that, no, oh
No, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh
I don’t wanna push friends on you
No, oh-oh, oh-oh
I just wanna knock it down
Down, down
Say you want me ’cause I want you, babe
And I don’t wanna fight it
No, oh
With you I’ve been flyer
You like my queen
But I can’t keep on waitin’ for you
You gon’ have to tell me what it is
Oh yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah
Oh yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah

You say you love me good
Ooh, woah, oh-oh
You love
Yeah, yeah

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