WHYZDOM – Child of Damnation Lyrics

Child of Damnation Lyrics – WHYZDOM

Delenda est Humanitas
Decernerent omnes deos
Criminalis homines sunt
Damnatio venit pro nobis

Apertum est hodie autem iudicium
Quod judicare ad crimina hominum
Deorum argunt solvent in favilla

All the seeds of hate have been sown by the devil
And the ministers of Gods
While men have danced to the rhythm
Of the war drums. Calling for blood.

Forgive us, Child, for we now have to die
And leave you alone in the night
Forgive us now, for it’s too late to come back
And save the world from chaos.

Damnation has come upon us today
Isn’t it what men deserve anyway?
We’re nothing but assassins of our own race
We made our choices and left our hope away.

Now the time has come to pray for the salvation
Of our impious souls
Once again we fight
Convinced that we are on the righteous side
Could it be a lie?

Forgive us, Child, for we forgot who we are
Possessed by the demons of war
Forgive the gods for they carved in our human hearts
The seed of this pure insanity

Damnation has come upon us today
Too late for regrets we shall die away
Heaven’s door has been closed for us today
Gods sentenced us to vanish from this world away

Hear the silence covering the land
And the beat of your heart
While the mist is shrouding the night
And the cold is freezing the bones of the warriors
And their swords, red from their blood

Forgive us, Child, for the hatred in our hearts
And our fratricidal wars
Forgive us now, for the greed and the blindness.
You are the last hope of humankind

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