​billy woods – No Hard Feelings Lyrics

No Hard Feelings Lyrics – ​billy woods

Black astronaut, cop a space suit and jet off my steps
Challenger launch burnin’ bright, burn to death
Burn in the firmament, charbroiled, catch the hair
Black boy burned crisp, pursed black lips
Black marionettes dance limp, over the pit
The kindly ones distant as the winter’s sun
A mad woman whistlin’, you can hear it if you listen
That’s that empty pipe hissin’, that’s him crying and twitchin’
That’s the vanishing point in the distance
Between us just the glass thickness
Cracked mirrors flash rictus
Skin pulled tight to the skull, that’s the sickness
Seepin’ through my leaky windows and broke fixtures
Guess who in the vestibule like, “you can’t smoke that here mister”
Nah man, you can’t smoke that here (Gotta go, man. You gotta go)
No hard feelings, no hard feelings, no hard feelings
It’s scars when you done healing
It’s malls topped with broken glass, I’ll show you slum village
It starts to come back from the grave, again and again, grinnin’
It’s winnin’, it’s winnin’, it’s winnin’, it’s winnin’
Brother hopped out that new car smellin’ like no hard feelings
Aftertaste bitter melon and lemon peelings
Heat rises so it’s high ceilings
I pay rent on the tenth like they stealin’
Like they stealin’ (like they stealin’), like they stealin’
If the nigga by the furnace in the basement of the building

After all that, she no-showed
The suite already paid for, so I toweled the door and smoked dope
Kulture Kush crossed True Gold
After a couple of texts, I left it alone (Left it alone)
Ice melted but the champagne still cold
Channel flippin’, clickin’ the remote
The home team losin’ at home
An attack on the train, persons unknown
Baking shows, cold cases solved and closed
I dozed, woke up and “no hard feelings” was all it said on my phone