​billy woods – Remorseless Lyrics

Remorseless Lyrics – ​billy woods

Burnt offering in the desert
Shining city up on the hill, I burned it like Nebuchadnezzar
This world, hard to even take its measure
Three rooms filled with Incan treasure
Still strangled the king cause it’s now or never
It’s a freedom in admitting it’s not gonna get better
Washing your hands of people you known forever
I’d be a liar if I feign surprise, a goat eats where it’s tethered
Treat African proverbs like Vegas flyers, I float above the peasants
Too clever by half, halftime down twenty
I’m not that good at math, but common sense, I got plenty
(It’s fuckin’ over)
In person, these rappers watches look temptin’
The chain say envy, but PTSD keep me countin’, never spendin’
My accountant is a head full of bad memories and sad endings
It’s all payment pending
I’m not concerned with generational wealth, that’s its own curse
Anything you want on this cursed Earth
Probably better off gettin’ it yourself, see what it’s worth

The photograph of young Tutankhamun
Spaghetti links tangled like ramen
Everything behind the mask rotten
I tell people I keep it so you not forgotten, but that’s cap
I thought pillars of salt, but she too smart for lookin’ back
Mid-eighties in the rear-view of a gold Mercedes
Midday sun make the crocodiles lazy
Money phone pocket dial, run come save me
Sweet old ladies poisoning pigeons in the park
For a lark, make mine strychnine, life is a zipline in the dark
Spare me the Hallmark Karl Marx
I was in the Dollar Tree break-room playin’ cards with quarters
Stock loss posters on the wall, brick and mortar
I watched the planet from orbit, remorseless

In pursuance of which, I hereby decree…that this decree hereby abrogates decree number forty-seven, decree number one hundred and one, decrees numbers two hundred and eighty three to three hundred and sixteen inclusive
(All these decrees are herewith abrogated and in their place, the following decrees shall come into immediate effect. For it is our duty to extirpate such traitors and agents of subversion…neocolonialism. Termites, locusts, pests and poisonous rodents…)
(It is therefore decreed, that as a warning to all other enemies of state…)
(…these recent saboteurs shall be publicly hanged)
Cut it, cut it off. Has no one here [?]. Cut it
Come back here, you!
(Which, taken together with decree number two hundred and nine, three hundred and thirty three and decree number)