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Boobie Lootaveli & Pouya – Put It In My Pocket Lyrics

Put It In My Pocket Lyrics – Boobie Lootaveli & Pouya

Don’t believe the hype so I keep a pipe
Pour a eight and pray that this 30 bring me back to life
Say you sippin’ green, you don’t know what’s really in the Sprite
I could drop five and go run it back up by tonight
My shorty’s running down opps on a fuckin’ bike
Fishscale made the scale tip ’til the afterlife
Tell the waiter bag the shit to go ’cause I got a flight
Product so rich you can cut it with a butter knife
She say that I’m on the road, baby show you right
Knees sprained hoppin’ out the kitty like I lost a fight
Heat spray if you set us up, go and fan around
Went half on a box with my dawg, tell him spread it ’round
First generation millionaire, started from the ground
This Lil’ Boobie badass bitch, I’m on, tell ’em wipe me down
Pouya told me leave the street shit, tryna find yourself
Jumped inside that water makin’ waves, they thought I would drown

Boobie grab the AK, it’s ’bout to be a payday
It’s goin’ down like mayday, runnin’ like I’m Tay-K
What the fuck you say, say? Get up out my way, way
Don’t play, play with no fuckboy, no game, yuh
Aye, why you suckin’ dick hoe? Sold my fuckin’ crypto
Bought two cribs and flipped those, just so I can sit low
In that ’76 Suburban swervin’, servin’ suckas daily
I ain’t made it ’til I have a hundred million in my savings, baby
Save it baby, I don’t wanna hear yo latest statement
Shoulda told me you just wanted me to make you famous
Wait, what’s your name and who you is? I don’t remember faces
You not in my bracket, I don’t think that you could speak my language