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ORIGIN – Chaosmos Lyrics

Chaosmos Lyrics – ​​ORIGIN

The anteriority of the inaccessible – in oscillating form
Fragments of a groundless elemental freedom – devoid of understanding
The merest glimpse of a true meaning – the chaos that enfolds us
A blasphemy to contemplate – impossible to reconcile

We bleed as one in the ever growing – shadow of eternity
Constantly expanding the domain – of the – tyrant lords of the abyss
The pure – absolute indifference – the will of the absence
Sublimity beyond being – quintessence of dust

Reduced to atoms – spread across eons
Disjunctive synthesis of worlds – planetary disillusionment
Forever wandering – the dark forest
A shock we’ve even come this far – isolated left to die

The odds against us astronomical – to reach compatibility
Our consciousness is a mistake – of – nonlinear circumstance
Is our function only that to – observe what has dejected us
A validation – of the expanse

Witness the violent spectacle – fabric of space and time
A power beyond anything – that’s been seen before
Tearing the seams of reality – contraction expansion
Quantum return to form

Unraveling the dissonance of time
Left behind to suffer through these states of being
Perpetual abhorrence of the void
The chaos that consumes our every thought

At the whim of this cosmic despotism
Unmaking all that’s yet to be
Throes of disjunctive synthesis
Quantum return to form