Thornhill – Blue Velvet Lyrics

Blue Velvet Lyrics – Thornhill

Your velvet dress
Close to your chest
In two low, in two lover

Your skin so sweet
I move to your beat
In two slow, in two baby

Cause I’m enough to be safe
I want you to sail away till it’s safe
I need you to hide away
I need you to fly away
I want you to save enough till it’s safe

I’m so much more
Than I let you see
Stay close, go
Too close darling

You arch your back
And keep me on track
Your breath stops
We both know that you won’t stay

I know that I will never see the sun
Cause you left it here
Without you slowly I’d become undone
If you left me here

My fingers intertwined
You were my divine
Just take me down baby
I love the sound

Your intimate design
You’ll be mine in time
I can feel the pressure
And it’s building up

You can take a part of me
I’m at your door
You can’t take a part of me
I’m at your core
I can feel you linger while I sleep
I can feel you linger just know that I’m enough

I’m enough now