Bartees Strange – Tours Lyrics

Tours Lyrics – Bartees Strange

I still have all those photographs
You still can’t quite use the flash
I don’t recall most things, but man, I try so hard

Wipe the tears from a face
Mum will break down once again
Looking back I know that she tried so hard
Oh, mmm, mhm, oh

When I’d hide
From thunder
Scared that I’d wake my mother
If I were
My father
I’d wonder who’s checking for monsters

Caught one today, I’m still on base
You talk about times when were young and I remember nothing
Where is Kuwait, is that in the States?
I do what I’m told, ’cause I know nothing
But when I’m old
I’ll remember everything
The photographs home
And I’ll feel everything
‘Cause I’m your son
I’m your son
And that’s all I want