Banshee (Rachel Knight) – FAIRY METAL Lyrics

FAIRY METAL Lyrics – Banshee (Rachel Knight)

My blade whispered to me
Tonight it will be done
You must have a deathwish
If you’re trying to pull up
On a little fairy bitch
With the switchblade
Fairy metal in my hand
Forged from banshee hollow earth
I will scale this entire mountain
If it means that I can lay my head and sleep all night
I will go into that cave all alone and slit his throat
To avenge my soul
Make my fairy metal cry

I want the soul
His life is not worth all your tears now
Slit his throat
Right where he hurt you
No more nightmares

He has been slain
I fed my blade
I release all my pain
As I exit from the cave
May his head up on a stake
Serve as a warning
To everyone I meet
Don’t fuck with me

Slit his throat
We look so beautiful in his blood
Cast his body to the sea
Erased shall be his name and memory
Drain him from the earth

Swallow the soul
Cold against the throat
Fed until she’s warm
Swallow your soul
Cold against the throat
Fairy metal drink your blood