Lil Ceasers – goosebumps Lyrics

goosebumps Lyrics – Lil Ceasers

Hit the brake don’t wanna push start
Stab the opp right through the heart
9 to the head hit the fucking mark

Pop the bitch like a fucking tart
No one here should every fucking narc
Wrap the body with the thickest tarp
Stab the body in the thickest part

Its a cold world but the hottest weather
Hate on me though im getting better
Sever him now he’s light like a feather
He makes annoying noise like black leather

Fuck a bitch when I want
Fuck a bitch then I flaunt
Fuck a bitch then I taunt
Fuck the opps bitch, then he haunts

Float around get the goose bumps
Chop him off now he a tree stump
He be dead saying please stop
While I fuck his bitch saying fuck the opps
Fuck the opposition
They will never listen
Pop the boy and now he fizzing
I had to kill him its because prison
Wasn’t enough, that is so tough
Make it a horror story call it goosebumps
Brain blunted now its a big bump
Don’t listen to bullies they’re all chumps
Beat him like how I beat the cunt

All you make is noise, never coins right
If you never break then your voice might
I don’t have a choice I’m in the mass in the matter
Never had rejoiced those younger years full of chatter

Going hard on the track and tryna get the baton, get it, get
It’s the only motto I’ll get up to solve
You’ve been fucking up my vision
Peace out lease out these beats then drill em
You’re so senile

And we still children, they’re still angry
I’m In A-league, and I understand
Pessimism is a better scissor to the upper hand
Care less about your incompetence for every other band
What goes around and comes around is evident in numbers

Pan has a lotta flashes but I’ll never be the butter
Manchild in the comments assuming I’m making other plans
I’m boutta be hot don’t be surprised at any summer fans

Give me head yeah I test the waters
Spit heat, but I’m getting hotter
She play with my stick like im Harry Potter
Beat kills yeah im calling that man slaughter