Phoxjaw – sungazer Lyrics

sungazer Lyrics – Phoxjaw

It’s big and orange and lives up in the sky
It’s beautiful and do you know why
It’s sends out lots of ultraviolet rays


Eyes burn like coal as my face becomes a prune
A skeletal camel ditched upon a dune
I dance around the sun and prance around the pool
A dried out basin full of dead tadpoles

Gonna burn yourself
Better slap some thick white cream on
Sunscreen shielding from a radiant beam

So it melts it as it stares down from the sky
The mayans cry “why god why”
If she strops expect no crops
Stick it out sungazer to hot for blazers

I’m burning from the sun
I’m burning from the sun
I’m burning from the sun

My eyes are coal they burn through my skull this suns gonna cook us all

I’m burning from the sun
Don’t wanna be sun-dosed.

So for now we dance naked on the longest days like embers flickering off an anvil forged fire
Beneath the scorching calypso red hot heat this planet will tire
Beneath a rainbow cross on a Cornish cliff we saw you sink into the sea.

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